Helping CEOs Meet Complex Challenges at Every Phase of Company Growth.

Whether you’re a first-time or fourth-time CEO, you know that leading an investor-backed, growth company means facing complex challenges at every stage — from start-up to IPO or M&A and beyond. Growth requires ongoing evolution and transformation.



Where is your Company on the Predictable Stages of Corporate Growth™?
The CEO and Top Team Must Continuously Evolve to Drive Growth. Are they?

Our resources are designed to help you successfully transform your company and develop in your role through every phase of your company’s growth. Complete the Performance Evaluators to help you identify priorities to address. Download our actionable frameworks and articles to help you get started.

Performance Evaluator

High-Growth CEO Effectiveness™

Rate your performance in the nine key areas essential to the job of the CEO.

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Performance Evaluator

The Company’s Growth Potential®

Rate how your company performs in eight critical growth areas.

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Performance Evaluator

Top Team as Leaders of Growth®

Rate your team against seven key attributes for success.

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Building the Awesome Organization: Six Essential Components that Drive Entrepreneurial Growth

“One of the most practical guides to the nuts and bolts of building an organization that I have ever read. Any executive will find substantive insights that will make their companies more effective.”

- Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Temptations of a CEO and The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

Leading at the Speed of Growth: Journey from Entrepreneur to CEO

“Matthews and Catlin do the entrepreneurial process a great service with this book. Their single greatestcontribution is the very idea that an entrepreneur can evolve through predictable stages to become a superb manager, leader, and community builder.”

- Jim Collins, co-author of Built to Last and Good to Great

Resources for Your Team: Functional Forums

High-Growth CEO is pleased to partner with organizations that use our proven approach — developed over 20+ years leading High-Growth CEO Forums —  to help your Engineering VPs and Chief Product Officers.

VPE Forum — Exchanging Ideas Among Software Development Leaders

Founded by Melanie Ziegler in 2014, The VPE Forum® provides Engineering VPs & CTOs at rapidly growing software companies a high-caliber, confidential and supportive peer environment where they can collaborate on solutions and share best practices.

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High-Growth CPO Forum — Tailored Specifically for Product Leaders of Growth Companies

Founded by Bruce McCarthy and Frank Qui in 2019, The CPO Forum provides a confidential peer environment for product leaders to address timely, member-specific issues through peer feedback and relevant, proven growth frameworks and tools.

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