High-Growth CEO Coaching™

Lead Your Company Through Growth, Turbulence, and Transformation.

Our coaches leverage exceptional experience and pattern recognition to help you build CEO mastery.

We help our clients…

  • Work through tough decisions
  • Handle team conflicts, team member development and organizational change
  • Build expertise giving and taking feedback, driving accountability and facilitating great teamwork
  • Ensure company-wide alignment to co-create the future
  • Deliberately build a strong and effective culture
  • Make sure decisions are made with BOTH short and long-term company success in mind
  • Effectively work with and develop their Boards
  • Manage the emotional and mental rollercoaster implicit in the CEO role

…by answering questions like these:

  • I am overwhelmed, too busy, feeling stressed, sometimes bored, not sure how to add the most value, wondering about needing alone time to think – what can and should I do differently?
  • My role is shifting, and I am not exactly sure what I should focus on? What does this mean?
  • How do I enhance my own engagement and energy?

  • Am I really the right person for this role? 
  • I have hired people with much more experience than me - remind me why am I the CEO?
  • Should we find someone else to lead the company who might add more value than me?

  • How do I know when it is time to replace a team member and how do I do it well?
  • How do I stop being at the center of team conflict and issues?
  • How do I drive accountability andI delegate to and empower team members all at the same time?

  • I think I communicate a lot but people don’t seem to grasp what I am saying. What can I do differently?
  • How can I communicate difficult decisions to maintain trust and transparency?
  • How should I tailor my communication to be heard by different team members and stakeholders?
  • How do I learn to remain calm and composed during high-stress situations?

  • How do I best manage my financial runway?
  • What is the best timing if we have to make a RIF?
  • How do we ensure a strong culture and employee engagement on the other side of a RIF?

  • Where is the balance between valuing my board's insights and my perspective if it differs?
  • How do I decide the best path to take if my board has a different point of view about my annual budget and plan?
  • How do I manage investors who have different funding capacity, time horizons and exit expectations?

  • What actions are crucial now for success in two, five, and ten years?
  • Am I prioritizing long-term sustainability in our strategic planning?
  • Have I appropriately factored in potential disruptions and changes in our industry?

  • How can I reduce expenses and still be positioned for growth in economic downturns?
  • How do I diversify revenue streams against economic fluctuations?
  • How can I stress-test our business model for resilience against economic downturn?

  • How do I cultivate a culture rich in innovation, learning and creativity?
  • How do I maintain our culture as the company grows quickly and we grapple with work from work versus work from home?
  • How can I empower employees to take initiative and demonstrate leadership in their roles?

  • How can I identify and tackle areas of waste or inefficiency in the organization?
  • How should I think about investing in employee training and development?
  • How do I assess resource allocation in response to evolving business needs?

How We Work

  • 01

    Two to four monthly one-hour calls.  Frequency is flexible & based on desired scope

  • 02

    Accountability write-up by the Coach after each call

  • 03

    HBDI Instrument used to map individual preferences to the CEO role requirements

  • 04

    360s & Growth Potential Surveys(TM) delivered when appropriate

What Sets Us Apart

  • Experience, Insight   Empathy

    Experience and Insight

    All our coaches have worked confidentially with high-tech CEOs for years. The coaches who were CEOs themselves were also long-time members of our High-Growth CEO Forums(R) giving them deep pattern recognition.

  • Growth and Leadership Frameworks

    Proven Growth & Leadership Frameworks

    Our IP and best practices have been developed from years of working with and learning from our 100s of CEO clients as they navigate their CEO journeys.

  • Team Building

    Planning & Team Building Process Options

    Experienced in delivering our Building the Profit Spiral(R) Strategic Planning and Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth(™) services our coaches can incorporate them as deemed appropriate.

"When your company is growing quickly, there are a lot of challenges, both those that are seen and those to be anticipated. High-Growth CEO has the roadmap of what to expect at each stage of growth."

- James Hemmer, CEO CreditXpert

The Evolution of the CEO & Executive Team

Each stage of predictable growth requires major leadership changes.


The growth journey is challenging…

We’re here to help you lead through it.