Strategic Planning & Team Alignment

Define Your Future. Create Your Strategic Plan. Align Your Company. Execute Flawlessly.

High-Growth CEO has decades of experience leveraging their proprietary Building the Profit Spiral® framework to help high-growth CEOs build and implement the fundamental elements necessary to scale and transform their companies through the predictable stages of corporate growth.

Planning for Growth™ — Building the Profit Spiral®

"It’s a very structured process, with lots of proprietary tools to map out where you are today, diagnose the challenges that are affecting your ability to grow, distill the changes that really matter, and develop a clear pathway to where you want to go."

Jim Hemmer, CEO CreditXpert

High-Growth CEO Forum® Member and Consulting Client since 2005

Extraordinary organizations are easily distinguished from ordinary ones. They are innovative, visionary, and committed to growth. Their leaders actively develop the organization’s infinite potential, and everyone continually searches for new ways to stretch to unprecedented levels of performance

Building the Profit Spiral – Planning for Growth® is High-Growth CEO's proprietary process for realizing new growth. During a series of customized, collaborative meetings, we work closely with CEOs and their executive team to define their strategic vision, build the plan, gain consensus and alignment, and develop the operating system to achieve extraordinary growth.

Mission/ Core Purpose

Envisioned Future State

Strategic Initiatives & Goals

Operating System™

Values & Culture

Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth®

"This program, with its framework for enhancing communication, is extremely powerful. By understanding each other’s thinking styles and decision-making preferences, our team has been able to significantly elevate our level of collaboration, leadership, and strategic focus. Plus, we now have a process that will enable us to keep doing it ourselves, going forward."

John Belizaire, CEO Soluna

High-Growth CEO Forum® alum and Consulting Client

Realize the Countless Benefits of Creating a High-Performance Executive Team.

A one or two-day customized workshop designed to create cohesive, high-powered executive teams and practical strategies for improving team alignment. Collaborative decision-making is applied to critical team issues and company challenges.

Team members will:

  • Evaluate their current performance using High-Growth CEO’s Performance Evaluator: Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth®
  • Learn about each other’s different thinking styles and communication preferences through the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®
  • Apply the learning to their most pressing team and business challenges to create more effective interactions and decisions.

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